About Us

Dedicated to elevating the voices in journalism, Global News is a global media platform and content partner. We capture hot topics around the world and report real & accurate news by virtue of our unique perspective and acute insight. Since our founding in 1998, we are constantly evolving and changing, and have become a high-profile independent media company.

In this day and age of information explosion, Global News stands out and has become the first choice of millions of readers. We have amassed thousands of followers on social media with more than 100,000 articles published every month, covering hot topics in various fields. Our website has several columns including game, automobile, fashion, Internet, technology, society, business, education, sports, food, culture, news, finance, hotel, life and entertainment to meet the needs of different readers.

As an independent media company, Global News is committed to reporting the news accurately and fairly, and upholding the highest professional standards. We devote ourselves to delivering real information to let readers know the truth about the world. Our team members are from the European and American areas. They have a wealth of experience in journalism, always adhere to the bottom line and professional ethics of the media industry, and are determined to resist the spread of paid news and fake news.

With the rapid development of the Internet, the journalism is faced with unprecedented challenges. However, Global News always upholds the spirit of innovation and constantly adapts to the changing times. From delivering news via the Internet in 2001 to partnering with artificial intelligence today, we are always looking for breakthroughs to deliver faster, more authentic news and information.

In the future, Global News will continue to strive to improve the quality of news coverage to bring a more comprehensive and in-depth interpretation of news for readers. We will work with all our partners to meet the challenges together, and adhere to the impartiality and authenticity of the media to bring more light and hope to the world. Let us witness the changes of this era, record every important moment, and spread the true voice together.

In the environment of media convergence, the challenges and opportunities of news production and transmission are multifaceted. In addition to the major issues mentioned above, there are other aspects that need attention as well:

Culture and diversity: With the development of globalization and networking, the news production and transmission from different cultural backgrounds need to consider the cultural difference and diversity. It is an important issue about how to respect different cultures, deliver accurate and comprehensive information, and meanwhile maintain the impartiality and objectivity of the news. 

Privacy and public interest: In the process of pursuing information openness and transparency, the news coverage may involve personal privacy. How to strike a balance between protecting personal privacy and satisfying the public interest is an issue that news organizations and journalists need to consider carefully.

Information security: With the frequent occurrence of network attacks and data breaches, news organizations need to pay attention to information security and protect the private information of news sources and audiences to prevent information from being used for malicious purposes.

Education and training: In the face of the challenges of the new media environment, both journalists and the public need to constantly update their knowledge and skills. News organizations should assume responsibility for education and training, improve the professional quality and ethical awareness of journalists, and meanwhile popularize the media literacy knowledge to the public to help them better understand and use news information.

International cooperation: In the time of globalization, the news production and transmission often transcend national borders. It has become the consensus of the press to strengthen international cooperation and jointly address challenges, such as combating false information and promoting press freedom.

On the whole, the news production and transmission in the environment of media convergence is a complex and multidimensional system, involving challenges and opportunities on multiple fronts. All stakeholders need to work together to seize both the opportunities and challenges brought about by technological development to jointly safeguard the credibility and healthy development of the journalism.

We founded

On April 29, 1998, the news of the launch and operation of the website had already spread as early as the end of 1997. Due to the influence of technology and network hardware resources at that time, the number of large portal websites that could operate online was not very large. The investor of Global News is Linda. After entering the Internet, she has invested a lot of money in website construction advertising and so on, which is the peak when she goes online. At that time, the number of large portal websites that could attract strong financial support was even fewer. Although many websites did news related reporting at that time, their scale was relatively small, mostly local news broadcasts, such as Global News. The number of websites with large-scale news broadcasts, news interviews, and industry news announcements was still very rare, which was also the main reason why the website received attention from industry professionals in the early stages of operation.

time axis

1998-2000: Media start-up stage

At its inception, Global News faced various challenges, including limitations in technology and talent. However, Linda had abundant funds in website operation and used high funds to recruit top technical talents from some well-known news websites at the time, completing the construction of the founding team.

2001-2005: Exploration and breakthrough in the Internet era

With the popularization and development of the Internet, the transmission mode of news reports has undergone revolutionary changes. Global News actively seized the opportunity of the Internet era, took the lead in realizing online news release in 2001, and further expanded its coverage to all corners of the world. During this period, Global News also launched multilingual versions, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, etc., to meet the needs of readers from different regions. This measure further strengthens the influence and position of Global News in the international news field.

2006-2016: Integration of Technology and Cooperation

In order to improve the speed and accuracy of news reporting, Global News has begun to engage in technical cooperation with big data enterprises. By introducing advanced data analysis software, rapid screening and analysis of a large amount of information have been achieved, providing readers with faster and more comprehensive news reporting. Meanwhile, Global News is actively exploring a combination of offline and online operations.

2017 present: Continuous innovation and expansion

After entering the 21st century, Global News still takes innovation as its core focus, which is also the key to its great success in the short-term operation. This model has been accompanied by the growth of its website since its inception. After 2020, Global News will focus on online social media, mobile Internet, etc. Global News keeps up with the trend of the times, constantly innovating in technology and expanding its business.

At present, Global News has developed into a highly regarded global independent media company. Accumulating millions of fans on social media, especially with the widespread use of big data applications, the databases its company collaborates with can meet the personalized news customization needs of the vast majority of user groups. Although there are also many news type websites in the industry that focus on mass customization needs and invest measures in this aspect, their achievements in terms of funding and human and material resources are far less outstanding than those of Global News. When Lin Da, the founder of Global News, was interviewed by the New York Times, he also said that as a media person, he initially just wanted to find his own way to start a business on the Internet, but now he is more concerned about bringing more valuable information to the public through such a platform.